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Discover the science of sleeping better.
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Are you tired of restless nights and groggy mornings?

Learn more about quality sleep with our latest Ebook, compiled by experts Dr. Helen Wright and Professor Leon Lack. This guide offers valuable information on how consistently prioritizing sleep and adopting healthy sleep habits can help you lead a healthier life.

What this book offers you:

Understanding insomnia: Gives you an insight into insomnia and helps you in isolating your sleep concerns accordingly.
Good sleep: Explains the importance of your body’s sleep requirement and the phenomena of sound sleep. Sleep need varies between individuals just as other physical characteristics.
Science behind napping: Discover the science behind quick naps, and learn when and how to take them.
Embracing awakenings: A normal sleep usually contains several brief awakenings. Know how to fall asleep post awakenings.
Importance of circadian rhythm: Know the importance of regulating circadian rhythm for optimizing sleep patterns, overall health, and maintaining various bodily functions in sync with the natural day-night cycle.
Bright light therapy: Benefit from an expert-backed approach for improving sleep quality with light exposure at specific times to align sleep schedules.
Whether you’re facing sleep challenges or want to enhance your sleep quality, this Ebook will help you identify your sleep concerns and help work towards your sleep goals.
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