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Success stories

Hear first hand from our users

Long winters

Daniel Pike, San Diego, USA

“This is the most convenient light therapy device out there on the market. Other products must sit on a desk and be stared at for 15 minutes.

Kirsty Jeffree, Adelaide, Australia

“I have suffered with SAD and Re-Timer has completely turned this around.


Kevin Hodges, Toronto, Canada

“I was able to re-adjust my sleep schedule, and I am impressed how easy and effective the use of the Re-Timer was.

Adam Sussman, London, United Kingdom

“Re-Timer works. It took less than a week to dramatically transform the time I went to sleep and the time I got up.

Athletic performance

Danielle Scott, Sochi Olympic Aerial Ski Champion, Sydney, Australia

“Re-Timer has really helped me to prepare throughout the competition season.

Olympian Maarten van der Weijden, Rotterdam, Netherlands

“Light therapy was crucial in winning the golden medal.


Jean Power, London, United Kingdom

“I’m thrilled with my Re-Timer glasses!

Ronald Fredericks, Adelaide, Australia

“I suffered debilitating, chronic insomnia for 20 years. My work suffered to the extent that I chose early retirement.

Jet lag

Jodie Nicholson, Australia 

I bought my Re-Timer glasses back in around 2016 and absolutely love them.

Mike Roberts, Sydney, Australia

“Re-Timer if used in accordance with the on line calculator significantly reduces jetlag.

Shift work

John Benson, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

As a night shift worker, I use the Re-Timer to avoid early morning tiredness when my body wants to shut down and sleep.

Stewart Leo Cartmell, Perth, Australia

“After 20 years as a shift worker in the Hospitality & Entertainment Industry, always suffering a certain amount of fatigue
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