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Long winters

Daniel Pike, San Diego, USA

“This is the most convenient light therapy device out there on the market. Other products must sit on a desk and be stared at for 15 minutes.

Kirsty Jeffree, Adelaide, Australia

“I have suffered with SAD and Re-Timer has completely turned this around.

Paula Smith, Melbourne, Australia

“I purchased Re-Timer to help me get through the winter blues. If it’s winter and I find I’m feeling a bit depressed

El Battay, Ottawa, Canada

“I purchased Re-Timer to adapt my sleep to the dark Canadian winter days.

Atte Samuelson, Finland

“I use these glasses in the morning for anywhere from 15-30 minutes while I’m having my giant glass of water, doing my morning reading, and brushing my teeth.

Marry Jo Byrnes, Michigan, US

“I bought the glasses to solve two problems, SAD and a delayed sleep pattern which often causes insomnia. I have been using them now for 5 weeks with great success.
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