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Shift work

John Benson, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

As a night shift worker, I use the Re-Timer to avoid early morning tiredness when my body wants to shut down and sleep.

Stewart Leo Cartmell, Perth, Australia

“After 20 years as a shift worker in the Hospitality & Entertainment Industry, always suffering a certain amount of fatigue

Leighton Gunther, Melbourne, Australia

“By purchasing the Re-Timer , my life as a shift worker has become a lot better and safer. Before Re-Timer it was very difficult to drive home after working through the night

Kate Naughton, Victoria, Australia

“As I said, mostly I use the Re-Timer to take the edge off my Seasonal Affective Disorder (I live in a forest, it gets dark early in winter), but it was also incredibly helpful going on-shift when I was at sea, working 2am to 2pm.

Jeremy Gibbons, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Re-Timer helped me maintain vigilance during night shift. I wasn’t tired during my breaks and getting to sleep after the shift wasn’t a problem at all, it was very much a challenge.
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