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Two phase pilot study to assess the feasibility and efficacy of Bright Light therapy on sleep in ovarian and endometrial cancer survivors using Re-Timer devices.


In phase I, focus groups were conducted with 12 survivors and 9 gynecologic oncology clinicians to evaluate and gather feedback about the proposed study. In phase II, a pilot randomized controlled trial was conducted with 18 ovarian or endometrial cancer survivors who were randomized 1:1 to receive 45 min of BL or dim light (DL) for 4 weeks. Participants wore wrist actigraphs; completed sleep diaries and self-report questionnaires; and provided blood, saliva, and urine samples at baseline (T1), post-intervention (T2), and 3-month follow-up (T3).


Bright Light therapy is feasible among ovarian and endometrial cancer survivors. It may be an effective, non-pharmacological approach to reduce sleep disturbance and symptom burden in this population.  Notably, Re-Timer BL therapy study participant retention and adherence was >80%.

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