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  • In a world dominated by digital connectivity and incessant stimulation, millennials find themselves trapped in a cycle of sleep deprivation, distraction, and digital reliance.
  •  The pressures to succeed, stay socially active, and stay updated online often lead to compromised sleep quality
  • Retimer’s simulated natural light exposure works wonders in regulating sleep patterns, offering a solution to those struggling with erratic sleep schedules.

Millennials spend an astonishing amount of time glued to screens, from smartphones to laptops, screen-induced sleep disruption and eye strain are rampantly on the rise.

The digital age has ushered in unparalleled convenience, but it has also fostered a culture of relentless distraction. Juggling work responsibilities, social commitments, and digital engagement can lead to diminished focus and heightened stress levels.

Why is sleep compromised?

Millennials are no strangers to the demands of modern life. The pressure to excel in careers, maintain an active social life, and stay updated in the digital realm often comes at the expense of one crucial aspect: sleep.

  • Grownup during the rapid expansion of technology and the internet has led to an “always-on” culture, where constant connectivity can make it difficult to disconnect and wind down before sleep
  • Have entered the workforce during a period of economic uncertainty, and pressure to build a career might lead to longer work hours, multiple jobs, or side gigs, which can cut into sleep time
  • Desire to maintain an active social life and engage in recreational activities can sometimes lead millennials to stay up later than they should, especially during weekends or days off
  • Economic pressures, including high living costs, stagnant wages, and the want for an active social life might lead some millennials to work more than one job or put in longer hours, leaving less time for sleep
  • With the rise of remote work and flexible schedules, the boundaries between work and personal time can become blurred. This can lead to work-related tasks encroaching on late evenings, impacting sleep routines

How does retimer help?

By enhancing the synchronization of the circadian rhythm, retimer indirectly contributes to restoring focus, and mental clarity. Consistent usage of retimer could provide a respite from this cognitive overload. This eventually could result in a more balanced, efficient, and productive lifestyle that empowers millennials to take charge of their well-being.

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